Were the Days In Genesis 1, Millions Of Years In Length?

Each day in this chapter had an evening and a morning (1:5). The word ‘day’ in this context is used of a literal day, as opposed longer periods of time such as seasons and years (1:14). God had Moses parallel the week of Creation with a literal work week (Exodus 20:9-11), making it clear that the week of Genesis 1 is identical with what we understand to be a week. Jesus placed Adam and Eve at the beginning of Creation and not millions or billions of years from the beginning (Mark 10:6 "from the beginning of Creation, God made them male and female"). Through Paul, God made it clear that from the beginning of Creation, the human race has existed to perceive that the physical Creation reveals the power of its Creator (Romans 1:20). Finally, any honest expert in scientific dating methods will tell you that there is no reliable long-term dating method for fixing the age of the universe or the age of the earth.

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